Knee Pain Basics:
A Workshop by Well Life Medical Fitness
A workshop designed specifically to give you the tools you need to eliminate knee pain, move better, and live healthier.
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What: 90 minute seminar with Well Life Medical Fitness team
When: Thursday, August 29th from 5:30 pm to 7 pm
Where: 7 Medical Dr @ Well Life Family Medicine
A HUGE MAJORITY of knee pain instances are preventable, yet they are so very common. At any one
time, 20 MILLION of U.S. adults are experiencing knee pain. It affects just about any movement.
  • Does nagging knee pain ever affect your life?
  • Do you sometimes long for the freedom of living pain free?
  • Do you wish you never had to deal with this pain again?
Plain and simple, The Knee Pain Fix works.
  • Movement dysfunction that, over time, results in chronic knee pain or injury.
  • Until you fix the movement your knee pain is not going to get better.
In fact, we guarantee you it is only going to get worse.
  • The Knee Pain Fix is a comprehensive, personalized program that empowers you with the exercises and tools to eliminate knee pain forever.
  • The root cause of your knee pain is poor movement. Your diagnosis, if you have one, is not the root cause.  The root cause is not a single specific thing you did.  The root cause IS's how you move.
  • ​Today, you get to make a choice. There is only one option. The Knee Pain Fix has helped hundreds of people live pain free.  Now you have the opportunity to join them.
Ready to give yourself the best chance to be pain free?
What's Included With the Workshop:
  • 90 Minute interactive session learning from Dr. Eric Ehle and the Well Life Medical Fitness team, teaching you the whys and hows of knee mobility, stability, and quality movement patterns.
  • Personalized knee pain assessment to find your specific limitations.
  • Breathing drills to develop core stability and down regulation.
  • ​Mobility and stability techniques for joint and tissue health.
  • ​Knee exercises, mechanics, and explanations for safe and effective movement training.
We will Personalize your program
- You will follow along with us to do a self-assessment to help you identify where your movements are most at risk.   Don't worry - we show you exactly how to do it and what to look for.   During the workshop we will do 2 quick assessments.
Know exactly which movement patterns to target
- The results will tell you which of your basic movements are dysfunctional.  
- Believe us, a number of your movements WILL be dysfunctional.  The silver lining?  Now you know what to work on.
Why the Knee Fix Works
  • Pharmaceuticals mask the pain. Surgery is a significant price to pay for a very low chance ofsuccessfully fixing the cause.
  • In simple terms, only by fixing your movement will you fix your knees.
  • Obviously, fixing movement is not that simple.  Doing so requires a specialized doctor, a strength & conditioning coach, a breathing specialist, a massage therapist, a personal motivator and a personal trainer.
  • ​And they all need to work together.
So we got them to work together. The Knee Fix is the result.
Use this program to build strength & balance, re-train your
movement, and rewire your body's pain response.  Use it to solve
your knee pain.
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